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Xmas Vacation 2k2

Friday, December 20
Having had little in the way of sleep the night before, I decided to take it easy and sleep in... Vegged, chatting and such, most of the day. I finally started to get packed and moving after dinner. Called Ankh to see what their plans were, and realized I should prolly make them my first stop. Left around 9 or so pm. Wasn't paying enough attention, and took the wrong road for a bit. Traffic was kinda heavy through the triangle and such, but it cleared up a bit outside town. Saw lots of cops, and was able to make it to the StL area before stopping.

Had a quick break in StL to gas up and have a sandwich, then I headed out again. Pretty uneventful drive, more cops and such. Thought I'd have to call Ankh to get directions, but was able to make it to their place just fine. Brought my stuff in, locked the door behind me, and then woke them up in bed - ok, so I scared the shit out of them, but it did wake them up... We talked a bit, then went to sleep.

Saturday, December 21
Played a bit, then they got up and out to work. I decided to keep with the lazy theme of this trip, and went back to sleep. Got up for a bit to check out stuff online and play a b it of GBA before letting myself go unconscious again. Damn phone rang, I didn't pick it up - I called Ankh on their mobile instead. They asked what I wanted to eat, and I said them bringing Thai back would be great. Lazed around until they got home with the food.

We ate and chatted and played a bit. They finally got me up, showered, and out for the Xmas shopping they needed to do. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't as bad as I expected, either. We avoided the malls and major stores as much as possible. Had an okay dinner at UJ, where I was beat... I tried to be good and go grilled instead of fried on my tenderloin, and it just wasn't the same. The fried mushroom appetizer was great, and Ankh liked their veggie platter. My fries also seemed a bit off. Guinness helped make it better. Stopped by a few more stores to get one last gift and some food for Ankh's baking needs, then headed home.

I vegged for a bit*, then played some GBA while Ankh baked... Then they came in to sleep, so we crashed. Woke up sometime in the middle of the night to play, then crashed again. The cats and dog were being annoying, and kept coming in or making noise to wake us both up.

Sunday, December 22

For some reason, Ankh got up to cook some more, then left to take their SO to family Xmas stuff. I slept in again, and leisurely made my way up and out eventually in the afternoon. Called Oz to see what was up, then left. Drive wasn't bad at all, I was pretty muh the fastest thing on the road. Quite a few cops, too. I was paying careful attention, though. Decided to stop by Best Buy on my way in... The temp difference was amazing, it was friggen cold, rainy, and windy. Got in the store and realized that Oz had called, so game them a ring.

Oz was home, so I headed over there. Brought my stuff up. We chatted for a bit, then went to do their laundry. I added the few things I had to the pile, figuring I might as well while I had the chance. Met up with someone Oz knew at the laundromat, and ended up hanging out with them for a few hours. Walked to get some cloves, had some coffee, etc. Then they left to go pick someone up at the airport, and we got the luandry and left.

We stopped by Oz's place to pick up some of their obasan's wondorous cooking, then headed over to their friend's place to hang for a bit. We ate and sat and chatted mostly.. Watched Futurama and Simpsons partly, and checked out all the toys they have out in their barn. They had to get to some meeting or another, so we headed back.

We ended up just sitting and chatting for a few hours, before Oz finally had to get to bed in order to get up and work in the morning. I stayed up a bit, thumbing through some magazines and getting frustrated at Columns Crown. Eventually, I crashed. Slept pretty well.

Monday, December 23
Oz was up and out before I really realized it. I slept in, and gradually woke up. It was pretty bright, since the sun was shining right in the uncovered window at me. Got up, showered, and realized food and some mild entertainment were in order.

Headed out to the mall to look around. Ended up stopping at Suncoast, and was surprised at their selecting of import/hk flicks. Scored Game of Death, The Storm Riders, The Legend of the Flying Swordsman, the Live Action Dragonball, and a $10 collection called Great Streetfighter Movies, which is actually the 3 Street Fighter live actions with Sonny Chiba. Went to Arby's for lunch. Teenager behind the counter was cute, and said they'd bring my fries out to me. I sat down to eat, and listened to an argument between a couple and ther kids. Really stupid stuff. Made the incorrect entry from my phone, then went back up to get my fries. Disappointing.

Left there, and went back to Oz's place. Realized that I hadn't installed DVD playing software, so I couldn't watch any of my movies. Called Oz for a bit to see if they had any kind of software DVD player, but no luck. Read various books/magazines, played some GBA, and generally vegged. Called Thenarus. Sent emails from my phone to Yakumo and Hunnybee. Realized that the chat option on my phone is worse than an old AOL chatroom...

Thenarus called back, setting plans for after they got off work. I called Oz to let them know, and they were just leaving. Decided to put all of this stuff down while it was still fresh, instead of waiting until after as usual. Oz came home, we went out to Thai and ate too much - but it was soooooo goooood. Chatted briefly, then Oz headed to bed to prepare for another day at work.

Oz's friend called, letting us know Oz's mobile was left at their place. Thenarus called back and rescheduled the fun times to the next night, since they had to work early in the am. I got bored and sent people emails from my phone, trying to keep occupied. Briefly watched a video Oz had lying around, then tried to check my various email accounts and failed. Started thinking very seriously about getting the data connection cable in order to use the mobile phone as a data connection for the laptop.

Ran out of things to keep myself occupied, so I crashed.

Tuesday, December 24

Xmas eve... Oz had to work, so I slept and vegged most of the day. Managed to have Chinese for lunch, which was okay - I'm so used to the quality I get at home, the place I went used to be my fav while in college. Vegged the rest of the day...

Looked outside and realized it was snowing, went outside to clean off my car briefly, tho it was only lightly dusted.

Oz got home a bit early, and we headed over to their obasan's place for dinner. By that time, the snow was coming down pretty good. We had to clean off their car and drive slowly, slipping and sliding, to get there. Dinner was ham... such delicious ham... better than any I'd had in recent memory. It was amusing... had sugar creme pie for dessert.. Watched Oz open their gifts, then we left.

I got to clean the car off again, since the snow hadn't stopped yet. Called Thenarus, headed back to Oz's briefly, then over to their place. They demoed DDR Max and Eternal Darkness - both of which I now want. Then we watched Game of Death (well, I did at least). Thenarus had a phone call during most of the movie, and ended up arranging for someone to stay with them for a few days over NYE. Oz slept on the couch.

After the movie, I went and hung out with Thenarus and D... Talking about all sorts of stuff, it was great. Finally, they kicked us out. I went and cleaned off the car again, since the snow STILL had yet to stop. Oz drove us home, then realized the snow from the top of the car had covered the back window in ice... So we drove around town for an hour or so, which was interesting. Then they backed up into the driveway and parked. We chatted a bit, then I passed out.

Wednesday, December 25

Xmas day. I slept in. Finally got up the 2nd time Oz came out to see if I was awake yet. Woke up slowly. Oz ordered Chinese for food, which was good - Better than the buffet. We chatted for a bit, and I called RedneckNinja. They were busy, and said they'd call me back in a bit. We went out around town for a bit, Oz needed to stop by the bank.. And then the video store... Called RedneckNinja back, and left a VM.

I cleaned my car off and put it in Oz's garage. Ended up watching Blade 2, which was awful mostly... Tho it had is really good moments. RedneckNinja called back finally, and I let them know it was too late for me to make the entire drive.. Ended up calling ankh and heading over there isntead, figuring I'd be that much closer.

Packed my stuff, left for Ankh's. Drive was okay, only one or two parts were icy. Got in, hauled my crap in, and settled down to chat and such. Tigger called, and I had to plug my phone in since the battery was dead. Played a bit, had a REALLY good time, then crashed.

Thursday, December 26

Ankh went to work. I got online for the first time in days... Did what we used to call VAXturbation - got my online time in, caught up with everything I could manage to. Scrounged for food, took some pics, called Ankh, then left for RedneckNinja's.

Drive was okay at first, then traffic suddenly STOPPED. Turned the radio on, and found out that a truck carrying bricks had jacknifed and sent them all over the road. For 20 or so miles, we were crawling or stopped. Ankh called, saying they had left work early to see me, and I was gone. Traffic finally started moving, then there was construction.. Was getting pretty frustrated.

Finally got into town and called RedneckNinja for directions to where they work. Found it, and met some coworkers. RN looked so cute in their lab coat... Heh. Chatted until they were able to leave, dropped by their place for a bit, then went looking for food. Tried Outback, which was an hour wait. Took the pager and walked down to Logan's, where we were seated immediately.

Had lots of food, and a beer or two. Eventually left, walked back by Outback and left the pager on a table outside. Went to return some videos, then over to buy beer and DrP. Finally went back to their place.

I tried a few different things to get their cable modem working, then they finally called tech support. Morphine called me about pics of the puppies, but the access wasn't working. I called Ankh to see what was going on with the puppies. RN finally got a decent tech support rep, who got the thing up and running. I got online to show RN a few things, and catch up a bit.

Then we put in Legend of the Flying Swordsman, which was a very surreal film. I liked it, but RN complained of an aching brain. Had a bunch of beer. The Storm Riders was next, and we both though it was an excellent flick. It actually had such things as acting, an effects budget, and a pretty involved plot.

RN crashed after that, and I stayed up tweaking their machine, grabbing some apps, and chatting on ICQ. Upped the pics and movies I took of the puppies for Hunnybee to see... I got into a porn loop trying to find a SN, and had to reboot. My conversations died in the proccess, so I crashed.

Friday, December 27

Got up and check everything I could think of online... Showered, and headed over to RN's workplace to meet up for lunch. Went out to the bank first, then met the coworker at OCR. The greeter was stunning, but had a poor attitude. Waitstaff was pretty good - until my wings came, and they were mild instead of 3 mile. Thankfully, they were right on it and I had a fresh plate of 3 mile in just a few minutes. The greeter got off work, and changed clothes... Wow... even better looking that way.

Time was up, so we headed back. I decided to go out to one of the malls and shop. Parking was terrible, but I eventually found a spot in BFE. Checked out a few stores, nothing special.... Then I got to this music/video store that was going out of business - 20% off EVERYTHING. I found the 1st Ranma DVD box, and bought it. Wandered around a bit more, then left.

I picked the wrong exit, and ended up going the wrong way down the street... Towards Funcoland I figured... Except traffic was jam-packed and sucked greatly. I turned around and headed back. The area has 2 malls separated by an interstate, so traffic really fucking sucks. Took forever, but I made it through... Then I realized I couldn't turn left back the way I came, so I had to find a different route... Then I thought I lost their keys... Then I forgot exactly which road they lived on... Finally made it to their place with keys okay.

Vegged for a bit, caught up online as much as I cared to... Read part of their Nausicaa Perfect Collection manga.... Watched TV, found G4... They came home and we went out for dinner. We were supposed to go to the Japanese place, but we drove up and realized it was closed.

Ended up at Rafferty's, which is a kind of cross between O'Charley's and J. Alexander's. The waitstaff had a real thick accent and turn of phrase... Lusted over various people. Good food. We got there when there was a short wait - right after, a bunch more people arrived and it got crowded with long waits.

Finished up there, and headed back to their place... I called Ankh, then packed my car again and headed off. Drive was okay, with a cop or two in a speedtrap getting my blood worked up. Unpacked into Ankh's place, then made some calls - neither Tigger nor Jingoro were avaialble, so I left messages. Called RN to say I made it, and answered a minor quesion.

Went to bed, played briefly and chatted with Ankh, then we got pissed at each other and slept. Eventually, we were cuddled nicely. Damn animals and such waking me up constantly. They went to tag their alarm, and somehow set the time an hour later... realized it, got up and showered, then came back to cuddle for awhile. Eventually left for work.

Saturday, December 28

They called a bit later to say their otosan was going to head over to use the computer.. I slept through it... Finally got up, showered, got frustrated trying to browse on the comp... Called Tigger and Jingoro, left messages.

Realized that, more than anything, I really just wanted to be home. Tired of the couches and unfamiliar bed, tired of living out of the suitcase and dragging all the crap back and forth.... Decided to leave before Ankh got home - I knew if I waited until they did, I wouldn't be leaving for several hours... I could be halfway home by that time.

Got on the road, and Ankh called a bit later... Once again, they had left work early to spend time with me.. Without notice... and I was gone.

Drive was okay. I stopped for the sign that said gas and Arby's - figuring I'd fill up the tank and my stomch.... Liars. Had to drove 5 miles into town to find gas... no arby's. I was annoyed, so I just got back on the road and snacked.

A few close calls with cops, and a few idiots nearly causing death... nothing terribly exciting. I cruised at 75-80 most of the way. Got calls from Ankh, Yakumo (who just got a mobile), and Jingoro. Called Morphine and Hunnybee to see if they had dinner plans. They didn't, and we ended up arranging for Thai. Raced the sunset, which was annoying. The changing light level and direct light were playing havoc with my eyes.... Didn't know whether to take the sunglasses off or not, and ended up putting them back on a few times.

Got to thai early (I made really good time), and hung around a bit. They arrived, and we spent 3 hours there... Just chatting and playing with our phones. They had just bought the same model I got, so we were trading ideas and shortcuts and settings and such. I introduced them to the sites I found for backgrounds and ringers and such...

They informed me they were leaving for Ankh's in the morning to pick up a puppy... Which I thought was a crazy idea... But, whatever they wanna do... So they're driving out one day, spending the night there, and coming back the next... If I'da stayed, we coulda gone out together and such.. Ah well.

Tigger called, and we chatted briefly. We were the last people out of our section, and the waitstaff joked with us as we left. It was a good time, and a fitting end to the trip.

Finally got home.. unpacked a bit, and caught up online... chatted a bit, then crashed.

Sunday, December 29

Here it is, Sunday... I'm up too early, but this is probably the fastest vacation summary post I've made to date. I'll prolly catch some food then crash again. I may come back and post pics later.

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