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I checked one of my numerous email accounts today, and found that my website seems to have won an award. It looks legit, but unfortunately I can't find mention of it on the page referred to in the email. Ah well.

I really should get going with the site redesign/update.... I'd really rather wait for the script though. If only Beldurin would have time, or The Parrot's contractor would complete it...

Well, I'm pondering what I got done today, and I think I managed to do at least as much as I hoped I would. I got exercise bringing in the water softener salt for Haha, not to mention moving luggage and boxes around. Hmm I also walked through the mall for awhile with Oz, and ran up and down the stairs in the house a couple dozen times. I got some cleaning/organizing done. And I did some updating of graphics for a as-yet-hidden part of the website.

And, of course, I did LJ updates all day long.

Pretty good for one day, if I keep this pace up, then I'll be ready to rock by next week.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention Rodimus called earlier about the jobs, etc. Seems he's going to pester people into motion for me. Hopefully that means HR will move faster than usual and I'll get an interview call this week. If not, then oh well.

I was also considering hosting another LAN party sometime in the next week after Chichi and Haha leave... No sense in wasting a perfectly good empty house, eh? The only problem is timing, and attendance... Weekdays are better for a few, but not most... And most of the weekends already have other plans, I'm sure...

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