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on sleeping in and xmas shopping

I keep forgetting to make a decent update... Did a quick one from my phone yesterday, but got tired of typing on the keypad. Found out that Tapjam is a little better than Mojo, since you can actually input moods and uses a password field for the password.

I lounged around for most of the morning, played a little GBA, and tried to keep up with my friends list... Let me just say that dialup access is the bane of my existence. I should prolly make a non-photo friends group so it's not quite so image heavy....

Ankh came back home from work with Thai, and we lounged around for a few hours after eating before they insisted on dragging me out to get their xmas shopping done for today's thing. It was kinda rough, but not as bad as I expected - we avoided most of the major places like malls and such... Went to the stip malls for lesser chains instead. Headed over to UJ for dinner, which I found disappointing. Ankh liked their meal trmendously... and the appetizer we had was wonderful. Guinness on tap is hard to beat. I was worn out by that time, but we still had a stop or two to make.

Finally got back to their place*, and I played some GBA... Actually got pretty far in Columns Crown, gaining a few jewels for my secondary character. Then Ankh came to bed and we chatted a bit before going to sleep. Slept pretty deeply, but the animals kept waking me up... Finally it was morning and Ankh got up to finish some things, then left for the family deals. I went back to sleep.

Got up pretty late, considering how early we crashed. Got online to catch up, had some doghnuts, and then a shower. Realized my phone was dead, so started charging it... Called Oz to see if they were gonna be around, left VM... Left an ICQ for Yakumo... I'm not sure where I'm going, but I'm not staying here.

Might go visit RedneckNinja, they called last night during dinner with a quick PS2 question, and neither of us called back later. Also gotta head up to see Tigger... and Jingoro.. and see if I can catch Faze on the way back.

I'm considering cutting my trip a bit short, heading back home early, and getting a NYE party arranged. Not sure yet, should prolly see if anyone's interested in coming, first. Saw a Johnny Socko article in the Nuvo, and they're playing NYE down here... Maybe I should stay here and do that instead? Dunno yet.. stupid plans - that's what I was trying to avoid.

Ah well, guess I'll head out in Oz's direction and see what happens.

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