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Well, managed to make it to lunch with Gnome, Angel, and... er... someone else... Was amusing, they're fun to hang with. OCR was same as always. The highlight was the birthday thingy for Gnome, in which they had to stand on a chair while everyone clapped and sang around them.

They headed off to the mall after, while I went back to work and checked my VM... Of course my new toy didn't get a good connection at OCR for some reason, so the 3 calls I got I had to let go to VM. One was from Haha, saying that Chichi was pissed I hadn't called yet. The other was from the one PM at work, saying we're going to be working tonight from 11pm to 3am >_<

Grabbed my stuff from work, came home, called Chichi for a bit... Then headed out to ship stuff. Lines at the PO were much shorter and quicker than I anticipater, which was great. Stopped by the store for some snacks and such, and now am finally back home where I can relax.

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