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A taste of "customer care"

Despite the fact I have a much larger rant I want to save for later, I can't help but mention this...

I was flown out for an interview on a certain company. They paid for the hotel room, but at check in they wanted a credit card for "incidentals" so I gave them mine. Turns out, they charged everything to that card.

So I called the credit card company today about this. After the inevitable wade through voice prompts and wait for a live person, their suggestion was "call information and get the number and deal with them directly" Gee, thanks a lot.

Hmmm, make that 2 future rants - the company that flew me out for the interview, and more on customer care that doesn't.

Oh and I realized I forgot to mention the 30-day limit that Chichi set. If I don't have a job, I'm outta here.

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