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so after I tried to go to sleep, and couldn't... I got pretty far in Gradius Galaxies... Then I decided to check out the WiFi card again - lo, and it did work. That being pretty much the only bright spot to the day/night. I continued with the insomnia, chatting with Hunnybee and Rodimus, and going through whatever I could find to do online.

Finally crashed, and slept pretty well until 6 again.. then tossed a bit before sleeping until the alarm. I tagged it, but got up anyway. Showered, then realized I was out of milk for my cereal. Ate dry cereal for breakfast, joy.

Outside it was foggy, which was wonderful. It's a perfect kinda day for me... and I'm here at work, bleh. Boss is out sick, which I anticipated. They didn't look so good yesterday when they left.

I seem to have a better hold on my sanity this morning.... Last night was pretty close to the edge.

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