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I'm a mere breath away from being postal. If those fucking idiots had not closed the goddamn call right when they did, I would have fucking hunted each fucking stupid asshole down and personally killed them until they were dead. Why the fuck don't people fucking listen? Why the fuck can people NOT get a clue even after you've fucking shoved it down their fucking throats? I want to fucking kill those fucking mindless fucks.

*breathe... breathe... breathe...*

I did not want to get out of bed today... even more than usual, I actually played alarm tag twice. It was the stupid xmas commercial song crap that went off at high volume that did it. It was a sign of how bad the day was going to be, I suppose. I ended up dragging myself up and out, though my stomach was protesting constantly. Don't know for sure what it was, but it was evil enough...

Did some minor work in the morning. Went to lunch at Chinese with Rodimus. Came back to work and did a few more things.

Boss left, other boss left. I got a call saying people were trying to fix things, so I headed home. Parked, walked up, and there was a FedEx notice. Joy. Walk in and there's a message on the machine. I changed clothes, forgot to check the message, grabbed a backpack, and walked to the office. Got my package, plus the wrapped xmas gift for the rents.

Came home to unbox my new WAP. Plugged it in, two lights. Dug out my PCMCIA WiFi card, plugged it in... connected. Couldn't browse anwhere. Rebooted. Couldn't browse anywhere. Reconfigured the WAP, no connection. Reconfigured the card, no connection. Was getting pissed by this point.

Plugged the Ethernet cable back in instead. Got online. Phone call from the boss - had to call idiots back. Called the idiots, they needed me to open a ticket. Didn't have the software on my laptop... or my test machine. Had to steal another test machine to open the ticket. Got it open.

Checked the VM, Haha calling about Chichi being is hospital.

Called the assholes. They opened a bridge. Got the idiots on the phone with the assholes. Let them fight amongst themselves for an hour or two... Then stepped in and tried to get shit done. Finally, we all agreed that we weren't going to get anything done tonight... so we'd pick it back up in the morning. All I had to do was send an email and we'd be set.

Somewhere in there, haha called. Chichi's in the hospital with some rather serious infection and will prolly be there for a few more days. Evidently has all kinds of needles and drugs happening. Other relative (the one who gave the gift) is getting MRI tonight, something about brain something or other. Been in hospital for a bit already, I think. Told them I opened the gifts.

Assholes didn't like my email. They refused to stop working the crap. Really fucking clueless asshole got on, couldn't talk them out of it, they just HAD this itch all the way up their ass to fucking stir shit up. They call all over creation for no apparent reason, and with absolutely no progress. Finally I call idiots back to fight it out with assholes. Somehow, head asshole got a clue - probably because they were having to deal with a broken-down car at the time. They called it, and after provided THE SAME FUCKING INFORMATION THAT I HAD IN THE GODDAMNED TICKET, I was gone. And majorly pissed. And nearly postal. And hating this shit. And needing to get the hell out of town and not work or even consider the merest thought of thinking about work for a few weeks.

But that's a few days away. At this rate, I'll be in jail for homicide before then. My sanity is truly at stake here, and nothing is worth finally giving up and losing it... not work, anyway.

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