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well fuck my sleep schedule

yeah, the only downside of last night's events was that it put a strange spell of SLEP on me... I fell asleep around 5. Woke up around 9, had breakfast and checked around a bit online, then headed back to bed by 10 or so.... Tossed and turned and hand a strange dream until about 11:15. Been playing about online since... Actually logged on to work and figured out some of the problems I was having - then got stuck again. Had my morning OJ and worthless vitamin pill.

Still have yet to shower. Need to put some things away that I dragged out last night. Pictures, Coins, GPK, Contact Sheets/negatives.... Plus some cleaning I didn't get to yesterday... and start on the laundry.

Gonna take it easy, though... Maybe do some stretching and a little XR Size, but mostly laze around. Dinner is not for a few hours, so I'll prolly have some ramen for lunch - if I can remember to this time.... I'll be cranky by dinner if not, and no one wants that.

Last night was just... great. Just what I needed. Morphine, Hunnybee, and I just sat around and hung out. We watched the Sunday Night Sex Show while I was playing Johnny Socko. Played F-Zero, Super Dodgeball, Columns Crown, etc linked on GBA. Listened to one of the Ambient cd sets I got from the college radio station when I was a DJ. I put in my Techmaster PEB ultra-low bass cd and cranked it to demonstrate the power of my sub. Had a little Soju, and I had a few beers. Polished off my last clove. Talked about sex, and porn, and LJ, and life, and my past relationships with Strawberry, Ankh, Taz, etc... And my fascination with people on my friends list. Showed pics of all of them, plus all my friends from the first few cons and anime club and such. Watched the first ep of Ogenki Clinic, which still royally sucks in English. Demonstrated Age of Mythology... and Super Puzzle Fighter II X for DC. Let Morphine borrow a few CDs and DC games.

It was just that relaxed friendly conversation you get when you're comfortable with close friends, and start talking about everything and anything. Granted, I was kinda on the spot for alot of it - the questions they asked brought more information about my attitude, feelings, and experiences with all sorts of people and such. But, it wasn't grilling.. I didn't get defensive about anything. It was more that they were genuinely interested, and wanted to know more.

It's interesting that they also provided more detail than usual about some topics that we had discussed before. We started getting into details of the thoughts and emotions behind the acts, instead of just relating what happened.

Basically, it's what I needed to have... Relaxing in a way that few other things match. I was expecting to have to wait until my vacation to be able to relax like that, so it was a wonderful surprise to be able to loosen up with them last night.

It occurs to me that I still have my phones off, I should prolly turn them on and call the rents... not to mention S, who called yesterday while we were at Chinese, and I never called back.

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