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more dragons

Guess we were supposed to meet at Chinese at 2.. oops. I was sitting around, playing with my friends list, and chatting with Yakumo until Morphine called. I gathered up the trash, grabbed the GBA, and headed out.

Lunch was good. Conversation and food, yum... If they're able to break free later, we'll prolly do something.

I've been vegging and such... Tried to work briefly, but nothing seems to be working right for some reason. I'm not in the mood to try much else.

Took more pics of the gifts from the relative mentioned yesterday from previous years....

front of one from last year? glows in the dark, I think
back of the same one, small shoulder logo
front of one from 2-3 years ago
front of one from last year's bday possibly.. not sure exactly
back of that one

*twiddle* not sure what I wanna do... RSI creeping up in my left wrist tonight for some odd reason. Got the History channel going... Prolly break out the GBA in a bit for some Spy Hunter or something.

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