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Reading List

Here are the books I've been reading this past week...

All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson
A Good Old Fashioned Future by Bruce Sterling
Mind Changer by James White
Bellwether by Connie Willis
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm
A Virtual Soul by Kevin Teixeira
Greenhouse Summer by Norman Spinrad

Now you can be just like me. And I can look back when next I try to remember "That one book I read..."

I've been cleaning. I went through each piece of clothing in each piece of luggage, threw out the old, worn, and ill-fitting items, then repacked them all. I'm putting enough clothing for a week in one of my rolling carry-on suitcases, so I can take it with me and set shop up somewhere else should the need arise.

I realized that not only did I forget to get that Socko CD from Bob on Fri, I forgot to get the VCDs that Jingoro made for me on Sun... Bleh, that was not a good weekend for me actually remembering things.

I was just about to say something else, but my mind blanked. Oh yeah, that was it..
I am going to wash my bedclothes, all dirty clothing, and vacuum the room today. Just in case there's still some allergen lurking.

Chichi and Haha are leaving for FL on Sat... Won't be back until the next Sun night - late, if I remember correctly. That means that I need to disappear on Fri until sometime Sat to avoid the fallout from Chichi about a job. Then I have a week to pack everything up and move out to... somewhere.. If indeed I go with that plan of action.

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