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Today was a day. Different from any other, as the same events could not occur in the same order - before or since. Yet, somehow it seemed ordinary... average, perhaps. No one event stands out from the others as being special, they all blended together into a sort of apathetic froth.

The morning consisted of waking up slowly, and dragging my personage into work. Thereupon, I did some small bit of work. Had more smoke blown up our collective asses, and then it was time for lunch. I came back home for lunch in order to polish off the leftovers from Chinese, catch up a bit on LJ, and fill out the RMA form for my WAP. I blocked out a bit of time to play some Gradius on the GBA as well.

Back at work in the afternoon, it was pretty uneventful. I did a few things, went to back-to-back meetings, then headed over to the Idoc. Was early, and had to wait for quite a bit. Eyes turned out to be ahead of the usual recovery schedule. The halos are still normal at this point, and should be diminishing evne more over the next 2. I spoke at length with the Doc about the refractive surgery technology I saw on PBS the other night. It was interesting to get their view on it all.

I headed home to do a few things, LJ, dinner, etc.. then went out to the mall for DDR. I was pretty much the only one playing, which I didn't mind. I did a few rounds, then decided to come home and relax. Showered, and caught up with online events.

I ended up having to penalize and ask nicely a few people to stop their shit. I dislike having to do that, but they were getting out of control. I had to ban a few people yesterday, as well. It happens.

I was intending to go through my friends list and comment, but I realized I have little to say to most of them. I dislike going off topic - I used a bit of humor earlier on some entries, but that's about it. I don't see the need to comment if I don't have anything to say - that's just spam. If something comes to me while reading, then I will.

I yearn for intellectual stimulation at this point. Perhaps, more than sexual. I've been too unfocused of late, which is frustrating. I am able to think more than I have been, but (along with my body) I haven't let my mind out to play as much as it probably needs.

Atypical. Random. Snacktime.

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