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whatta day

Work was pretty interesting. Running Bear got everyone worked up about some re-org, which put the plans discussed monday off for the forseeable future. Came home for lunch, tried to catch up on LJ, but ran out of time. Went back to work, chatted a bit with Hunnybee. We decided to go out GBA game shopping after work. Headed to re-org meeting part 2, which was more damage and rumor control than anything. Firmed up dinner/store plans, then left.

Came home to find a UPS delivery notice on my door (finally!), and there were 3 messages from the RMA dept... I called them back, and they stated that I should fill out this online form in order to cross ship and get my new WAP ASAP. Joy. Changed clothes and went to the apt office to pick up the package. Got it, opened it, then turned it over to the office person to wrap (we have a free gift wrapping service). Unfotunately, they said they'd get it done by monday - I had thought it would be rather immediate.

Headed over to hang with Hunnybee until Morphine came home. Sampled some of their GBA games and chatted. Morphine came home, we chatted, then S came by. Morphine's dinner choice was Chinese, so we headed over there to eat. We all had the Kan Shao Shredded Beef, which was yummy as always. S told us some very interesting things about Fire law and investigation.

Then S went to a meeting, and the rest of us headed over to Funcoland for some shopping. We chatted with everyone and sampled quite a few games. I ended up buying Spy Hunter, Gradius Galaxies, and F-Zero for GBA, and Dragon Warrior 3 for GBC. There was a really really really annoying kid there, but I dealt with him okay. The staff was great. I almost spent quite a bit more.

We headed back to their place to play some multi and watch MuchMusic... then realized how late it was, so I came home.

In all, was great fun.. I miss hanging out with them and playing videogames with people in general. I am, however, beat... I was headchy off and on, so I need to sleep... But of course I'm going to try to hit the friends list and catch up a bit first.

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