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well, ok then

Slept. Got up and out pretty well, even if I was dragging a bit. Got out on the road, and realized I had forgotten my sunglasses. It was so dark outside, I didn't realize it until then... Kept going instead of heading back.

Get to work, realize that my boss isn't going to be in - great news for me. I spent some time doing various things (read: nothing important), then head home for lunch and sunglasses.

Quick lunch, head back to work... Settle in and start a very long and involved conversation with Hunnybee. Amazing, sometimes, how we do that. Went over all kinds of topics, it was good. I love being able to bounce ideas and such off of them, as well as really pontificate once in awhile. I hated to end it, since it's so rare we're able to get in that synced mode.

Rodimus stopped by with the newborn briefly, then I left. Came home and worked on getting a few things I had forgotten installed/copied to the laptop. Also did an upgrade on the router, since that big security hole was spread today. Hawkwind informed me of that. Chatted with Jingoro about the new Mad Max movie, as well as a few others. Exchanged a few messages with Tigger.

Got sucked into more AoM. Finally got myself to stop in another underground "make it to this point" kinda level, in the middle of an interesting dream-like sequence. Stopped and saved - my current pet peeve with the game is the lack of a time/date/anything stamp on the save/load dialog. I mean, WTF?

Realized afterwards that I couldn't get online. Tried a few things, then ended up rebooting both machines, resetting the router, and resetting the cable modem. Finally got on. Spent some time resetting all my cookies for the various places I visit with logins.

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