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Got up, despite the fact I was having my best sleep in a few days... dammit, my schedule is completely screwed. Had to stop to deposit a check on the way. Got to work a bit later than I was going to, but still early enough to get something done. Started the reimage of the laptop then set up some files for a tutorial in the lab.

Went back and got the laptop going well enough to start, then headed off to lunch. Chinese. Stopped to mail a check, and looked over to find someone very attratice heading into the store... I was tempted, but went on my way. They didn't have tea ready, and only 1 eggroll left. I took the 2 fresh eggrolls with me.

Back at work, I got more installs and configs done. Had to reboot a box so I could connect to it. Got ICQ Lite installed - I'm liking it. They went back to the basics, and it works for me. Much faster and less impact on the system. Chatted with the boss for a bit. Was just chatting with Hunnybee when my mobile rang. Morphine called to let me know I was supposed to be in a meeting in another building. I hadn't been invited, but was supposed to be. Right.

The boss comes by and we head over. Meeting is for employees regarding the future of our dept. It's kinda interesting, even if people keep restating the same damn thing 5-6 times... Especially one of the team leads - blowing pure smoke, saying nothing (but talking alot). 2 hours later we get out >_<

I head back to pick up my laptop and get outta there. Realize it's rush hour and I need to stop at the store >_< I go in, get enough to tide me until the weekend I hope... Checkout lines are packed. I get in the slowest one, of course. I knew better, too... The last time I was in this person's line, it took forever.

I noticed today going in to work a ton of cop cars. To and from lunch, there were old people. After work, there were idiots. And Hondas are the bane of my existence.

Finally leave there and get home. Have some food. Chichi calls. They bought a flat panel monitor. Dammit. Chatted briefly, then they let me go. Evidently, I still sound horrible. It's clearing up, I swear. I'm not sick anymore, really.

Vegged to TV until I kinda fell asleep.. it was strange, I was stuck in semi-consciousness. Finally got up and puttered around. Got a few more things installed on the laptop, did a few more AoM missions.

Need to try to get to sleep soon.

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