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I can make it

Completely ready to have vacation time... Get outta here for a bit, let my body dictate its own schedule, change the pace a bit, immerse myself in the company of friends, etc.

I'm almost desperate for that right now. My moods have been cycling faster than I ever remember them doing so.

Earlier, I became obsessive again about adding friends, and looking up people. I actually found some meeting minutes from earlier this year that Strawberry attended. Verified their family address is still listed, with the same phone number. Looked up classmates from high school, but wasn't about to pay to email them.

Spent entirely too long earler getting my laptop backed up... Then I was lost without it. I think that's the finaly indication of what my next system should be. Now, it's down to deciding between the Dell and the Saeger... And when/how much. I also need to get this crap with my WAP done so I know if I need to buy a new one or not. I still hate tech support.

I keep losing the next step in my day - it's becoming so frequest as to bring a smal amount of fear. I can get through my current whatever it is, but the next thing on the list keeps slipping away. I was going to despoit a check on Sat after lunch. I kept thinking about it before, during, and after lunch. I got in the car, and thought about it. I turned onto the road with the ATM and thought about it. I got close to the ATM and forgot about it until I was a block or two from home. Same thing bit me when backing up the laptop. I hate doing backups, because I ALWAYS forget something. This time it was my garbage directory that I dump my personal stuff in.. That, and my hosts file.

I spent a few hours trying to dig out a quick util to restore deleted files in Win2k. I had one stashed somewhere, but couldn't find the damn thing. All the ones I found only did piddly files of a couple k. Finally tracked down one and a file that enabled it for the 5 minutes I needed to use it. I couldn't remember what all I had dumped in there since my last backup, so it was tricky.

I hate my keyboard on here. In fact, I hate sitting here at the desk using the computer. I've grown so used to lounging on the couch, glancing up at the TV now and then, that this just sucks. The keyboard is old and stiff and a dozen or so letters are worn off. I love my mouse still, and the monitor rocks... but the apt is set up such that I stare into a wall, with no chance of seeing a window or TV. Bah.

I did laundry. Pretty near all of it. I left a few things out, but made sure to get my bedclothes and couch coverings to wash the illness from them. Also all the summer clothes from FL that I should put away. The rest was ensuring I have work clothes this week.

I did some XR Sizing... Need to do more, but I'm once again not into it. Gonna try to build back up carefully, so I don't nearly kill myself when I DDR next. There's still a lingering congestion from whatever I had, but it's gone otherwise.

Went to Wendy's to grab dinner, and took the trash out. Not too bad, but I really want to get rid of these halos. My eyes have suffered with the swelling, and my own damn self not remembering to put drops in regularly enough.

I'm too restless to sleep yet. I've gone into obsessive LJ friends list checking, hoping someone will update each time so I have that 15 seconds to read the entry. Even checked out some of my older bookmarks that I only keep on here... Most still exist, but didn't provide enough entertainment.

Got to the Egyptian part of the AoM campaign today. Interesting how they suddenly hit you with these new things after you've just grown accustomed to what you had been using. Still having fun playing, though. Thinking about that nice deluxe set they're selling.


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