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glorious sleep

I slept in, finally... wasn't the best, but it was much better than I have been sleeping. Finally got up and showered around noon.

Was gonna eat, but decided to log on and see if Hunnybee and Morphine were alive yet. Turns out they were in the process of getting ready, so I waited. They IMed me just before they stepped out the door.

Meanwhile, Oz called. BSed until I got the message. Nothing terribly exciting this time.

Went to Chinese, relaxed, chatted, and ate. Had a good time. Not sure how long we stayed. Got the inside scoop on some of the friend/family politics of late. I don't pay attention to it, but it's interesting to know what goes on behind hte scenes.

They had to go out, were already late for a shopping commitment. Prolly won't hook up with them later, but it was nice to hang for a bit... We really don't get together enough.

Came home, did a AoM mission.... got online to see what's new. Chatting with Tigger now.

BTW, evidently I am fuxxy... I guess that's some new term meaning fucking(fux) sexy(xy). Hehe.

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