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I'm considering going out and visiting my people... It looks like I'll be able to take a nice long xmas break. Don't want to schedule it and all, but I'm starting to think about it. I hate to make the drive, but there's really no other way to do it.

I'm also thinking of heading out and meeting some new people. Not sure who yet. Prolly people as far west as KS, north to MI, east to OH, and south to TN. We'll see.

Have some ideas in the way of taking things with me and giving them away, but not sure yet. Would be one way to go, at least.

Went to OCR with the big boss and such for lunch. It's been awhile since we've been there, and it looks like it'll be awhile before we're back... Rayman decided it was in their best interest to not go there anymore. Not a big deal, really. We'll prolly switch to BBQ. Our waitperson was completely attractive and I was very interested. Sadly, not a redhead.

Heard all about RunningBear's new system. They spent a whole load of cash on it, based on our recommendations.. and are completely happy with it. I don't blame them - I'd like a system like that myself. I'm thinking one of my earlier toys in the coming year will be a new system of some kind. I'm completely behind and lacking certain features - DVD burning is a big one.

Hunnybee mentioned the other day that I seem to be too hard on myself sometimes. I disagree. I really don't get down on myself that much, but I try to be honest with myself - if I'm being annoying, I want to figure out why and stop doing that.

Oz mentioned awhile ago that two particular entries I made seemed to be written by completely different people. I'm not surprised, really. I've had a few distinct moods/masks/personalities for quite awhile. Each one handles things completely differently.

Earlier today, I was inspired... So the poet came out.

Spent quite awhile winning the latest mission in Age of Mythology... Too long, really. I was having fun playing, evne though I could have won in at least half the time.

Trying to finish up the CDs I promised Rain awhile back so I can get them shipped out. I dislike having unfinished tasks and unmet promises.

I will freely admit that what I'm trying to avoid doing is heading up to see Strawberry. I want to, but it's just not the time for it.

I need some relaxation time with my friends... I miss them, and visiting family is nowhere near the same thing. I'm looking forward to the usual hanging out and BSing, with nowhere to go and nothign to do.

I need to get over this crap and get back to daily DDR. Thankfully, sinus swelling has gone down now - I just need to be able to breathe without hacking up an internal organ now.

I'm hoping those idiots at work leave me alone this weekend... I've got time off, I'd like to enjoy it.

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