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managed to sleep better than I have in awhile... still not the best, but..

Dragged myself into work more or less on time... nothing much to do, really.. A quick fire drill, which I already had covered (as soon as I dug the document out) and I was off to Chinese alone for lunch. Went back to work, tried not to go off the deep end until the team bs session (I mean, meeting)... then managed to stick around for a bit longer before I couldn't take it anymore, and left.

Came home, was just settling down in the library when the mobile went off. After a bit, went and check it - the boss. Checked the VM, and the boss tells me to call Taz. Joy. Nowhere in my plan for the day/month/year was this.

Anyway, called. No big deal, just like talking to anyone else I work with on occasion. But... I'm basically on call to help with a big bad issue should the need arise.

Otherwise, I feel likke crap. More self-pitying that anything specific. I'm coughing a bit, which I take as a good sign. Sinuses aren't completely swollen, but my left eye aches.

Got to chat a bit with Morphine today, which was nice. We're supposed to go shopping for used GBA games sometime. Might hook up with Hunnybee and Morphine over the weekend for a meal.

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