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T-Day Vacation, et al

Tuesday, Nov 26
Slept like complete crap. Kept waking up and such. Finally dragged myself outta bed around 3am or so. Got showered, dressed, packed, and all that. Left a bit early, it was cold. Got to the airport, long term parking wasn't too bad that early. Managed to find a spot RIGHT NEXT to a stop. Stood in the cold shelter for 20 minutes waiting for a bus to
arrive. Used the heater, which worked on my head, but not my ands/feet. I love the electronic self checkin kiosks, I was ready to go in no time. Moved myself up front on both flights, and managed a window seat to help with sleeping on the connection.

Breezed through security as usual, even if they closed the machine I was going to go to right in front of me - and some idiot couldn't figure it out that they had to take off their jacket and such. Got on the plane, got myself set, and played some Golden Sun... Landed in DFW, which was an interesting place. It's like MCI upgraded with less security points. Played more GBA until red light came on, then plugged it in to recharge while waiting. We were 1/2 hour late boarding, then got stuck on the runway. I tried to sleep a bit, but it wasn't happening. Played more GBA.

Arrived at FTL, found haha waiting for me at baggage claim instead of outside like planned. Evidently security was preventing the usual wait/grab routine. Chichi was waiting in the car. Weather was nice, I was starved. Got to their apt, had a snack, and crashed.

Woke up for dinner. Ate, chatted a bit. Played GBA while they watched TV. Got online (which was tortuously slow), etc. Nothing much. Crashed eventually.

Wednesday, Nov 27
Slept okay, got up for shower and breakfast. Drove Chichi through rush hour traffic to the Infusion Center. Only nearly died a dozen or so times - Floridians can't drive (and I though MO drivers were bad).

Spent 8+ hours watching blood and various chemicals slowly drip into Chichi via IV. Played some GBA, talked, etc.

Drove home, narrowly avoiding rush hour (still managed to almost get killed a few times), snacked, and crashed. Got up for dinner and relatives visiting. One of them was a sibling of Haha who had their stomach capacity reduced - they look better in some ways than I remember them. The other was a family friend who was large, obnoxious, and somewhat annoying - although it was tempered by the fact they were direct and honest.

They also cursed like a sailor (this is funny if you know how little most of the family curses, and the fact that some of the relatives WERE sailors).

They finally left, and I vegged and such for awhile, had a snack, and crashed.

Thurs, Nov 28
Slept in. It was the first day that I could do so, so I took advantage of it.

Showered, had breakfast, vegged... Family arrived. As we were approaching eating time, more family arrived. I found myself having to work hard not to stare at one of my relatives... They were gorgeous.. and jailbait... And a relative... *smack, smack*

We ate. They talked. It was pointed out that I answer questions directly and briefly, a trait which I appreciate. The rest of the family seems to appreciate BS chatting about anything and everything and speaking volumes in increasing volume and not listening to a word each other is saying. Oh, and did I mention the ADD-like topic switches and the effort required to get a word in? BAH!

They left, we napped. Woke up, more relatives came by to visit. Sat for awhile, then they left. Then the other set left, due to a migraine. Then another set came by to visit. They brought their two small children. It was like watching the WWE(F), with the arena being the parents' laps. It was kind of mellow at first, but then they had chocolate and it all got really obnoxious.

Finally they left, I vegged and snacked and then crashed.

Fri, Nov 29
Slept in again. Didn't sleep too well, but managed to force a bit extra upon myself. Ate, showered, and the vegged for awhile. Haha went out to take a bird to the vet.

Chichi and I watched Rush Hour 2 then went for a walk to the mailbox, then went the other way and looked over the water and sat in the gazebo. Took lots of pics.

Then Haha returned with Obasan and we went out to Boomers. Found it pretty easily, went in and saw a few people on DDR. They had a 4th and a 7th mix, both with a fan for each played mounted on top of the marquee. Took my turn, and over did it. Kept going a couple more turns, then watched them play Skee-Ball. Took a last turn or two, then we headed out.

Took Obasan home, then headed home ourselves. Ate, vegged, packed, etc. Crashed.

Sat, Nov 30
Didn't sleep well at all. Got up and ready and out on time. It was nice - 70oF or so.

Said bye to Chichi, who didn't feel well enough to accompany us. Haha drove. Dropped me off, and from there it was typical airport stuff.

Flight was okay - people next to me had been up for 3 hours longer than I had, and were cranky. The kids behind us screaming and kicking the seats didn't help. I couldn't sleep. Made it through, though.

Landed in DFW, it was 50oF.. Not bad, I just hung around the gate and watched the attractive people walk by. Got on board and did the crossword, tried to sleep but couldn't. Landed nicely.

It was 30oF when I got outside. I dug out my jacket and gloves and waited for the bus. 20 minutes or so later, it finally came. We got out to long term parking, and the driver asked for our stops. Two other stops made most people happy, I said my stop twice, and the driver confirmed it. Next thing I know, I see my stop going by - I was next to the luggage rack, so I couldn't see it coming up.

I decide to wait and see if we would be stopping anywhere close. The other two stops get done, and the remaining people are going to the terminals. I stand up, saying, "you're going to hit my stop next, right?" they reply with "I already passed it" and my obvious response was "well, you didn't stop" then they get into how they asked people for their stops, and I get into how I said it twice and they responded. Meanwhile, I grab my bag and head towards the door. They tell me they will go ahead and stop there (while closing the door), and I reply with no, just let me out. I get off the bus and walk most of the way across the parking lot to my car. Which figured, since I had been right next to the stop.

Anyway, my car starts, and I head out. There's a line to pay the fee, so I whip out the mobile and call Hunnybee, seeing if they're up for some Chinese. They are, and we agree to meet about an hour later there. I get out and make great time - I had figured on more traffic, but it was pretty clear. I make it in time for lunch, and get my appetizers and tea while I wait. Morphine and Hunnybee show up a bit later, and we sit and chat and enjoy.

We finally go to leave 1.5-2hrs later, and I decide to grab some beer and head home - instead of accompanying them to the mall, etc. I get my beer, discuss the gift boxes with the clerk, and head to the car. Which doesn't start. I'm like WTF?!

I try it again, and then call Morphine. They went home first, so they grab cables and head back my way. Meanwhile, I realize one of my relatives had mentioned something about their car having a battery leak and the same thing happening - so I check, and there's a nice green fuzzy trail of battery acid leading down from the positive terminal. I called Chichi to let them know what was up. I wait outside for them to get back, then realize I had drank a bunch of tea and water, so I head back inside Chinese to offload that. Just as they pull up, of course.

We head back out, and realize their SUV's battery terminals are covered. It's difficult, and we finally decide to quit for the night - it's dark and cold and I really just wanna get home. They take me home.

I relax, get warm, unpack a bit, and settle in. Catch up a bit online, tho I'm starting to feel sickly/headachy. End up chatting with Ankh for quite awhile through several phone calls. Finally crash, feeling pretty bad.

Sun, Dec 1
Wake up sometime in the night, feeling even worse - got a sore throat and all that. Didn't sleep well anyway. Realize I'm sick, and take it easy all day.

Make plans with Morphine to take me to my car in the morning, I figure we'll jump it and I'll drive it to the dealership. Notify my bosses that I'll be out. Chat briefly with Ankh, Tigger, and various other people online.

Mon, Dec 2
Really didn't sleep well, but got up and out. Got the car to the dealership, got it fixed for free, then headed to the store to buy food and drugs. Head home to medicate, then check in at work. Not much to do. Really feeling sucky. Took a call for work, and was chatting with my boss on ICQ.

Tues, Dec 3
Didn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time every 1.5 hours or so. Medication didn't seem to be helping at all. Decided sometime midmorning that I wasn't going to be in, so notified my boss. Took a long hot shower to feel slightly better. Sat around all day, it sucked.

Wed, Dec 4
Slept slightly better, but not nicely... decided to not worry about work in the morning. Stayed in bed until 10 or so, finally got up, showered, and ate. Ventured outside to deposit my eyes check and get gas, then headed in to work. Why am I here? Nothing to do.

Going to see about heading home shortly. Got my 1 task done, 1 project is behind, and the other people "forgot" about my issues. Haven't heard from them since I enlightened them earlier. I could do with stopping at the store, but I'm frankly in the mood to go home to put sweats on and curl up on the couch for the rest of the evening.

-Edit: redid the lines so they weren't screwed. bleh.

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