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so... slept okay, I suppose.. woke up before the alarm, and got moving.

Got to work slightly earlier than expected, and promptly realized I was going to get nothing done.

Chatted a bit with Hunnybee, then went out to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus. We decided to stop by Best Buy for a bit... At one point, I was holding several bargain DVDs (including a few really horrible looking Kung Fu flicks) - but as the checkout line was not moving, I put them down and we just left.

Back at work, nothing's going on except some minor discussion on the email sent out earlier that we will be moving soon. Joy. It's just 1 building away - it's the building S works in, so that will be a bit more convenient for lunches.

I faxed in my canceled check to get my auto rent deducted from my primary, rather than secondary, account. Stupid bank switched poilicies on me. Printed out my airline schedule. Called the rents to solidify pickup plans.

I have a few more bills to check when I get home, then packing and misc prep. I'll prolly nap a bit, and set my alarm for 3am to ensure I'm up and out on time.

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