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Well, I notice that my Sat night/Sun morn entry was anything but readable... I really don't know what I was trying to say.

Sat night we sat around Jingoro's place with Plague, J, Moltar, Moltar's SO, and Jing's SO playing Tekken on the PS2. After Moltar and SO left, we started watching TV... Wouldn't you know it, Eraser was on, so we proceeded to MST3K it until it was time to leave for karaoke.

Karaoke was in this small place in the next city, and it was a blast. We were greeted by a group of friends a dozen strong and already well into their drinks for the evening. Lots of good and bad singing, much drinking, and other stupid stuff... It was a great time. I sang Too Shy by Kajagoogoo very badly, but redeemed myself somewhat on Walk Like an Egyptian. I also helped with What's Up and did some dancing. Somehow we bribed them to keep doing for an extra hour past their normal shutdown time, and closed the place out.

J drove me back to their place, and we sat down listening to the DDR mix cds he made as I kept falling in and out of consciousness. I called Ankh to come pick me up so I could sleep in a decent bed instead of on the uncomfortable couch they have, but ended up passing out on the couch and missing the pickup.

I woke up pretty early and left, driving out to Ankh's... Not the best idea, but I am very capable, and drove perfectly. Spent the rest of the day in bed, came home sometime after 9pm when I got royally pissed at Ankh, and both Haha and Chichi were still up for some reason. Fell asleep trying to read my last book in bed to avoid having to converse with either of them.

I notice that Goofy wrote me back on Saturday, telling me to come to the con 'cuz they needed help... *sigh* I really don't think I would've been much help, although if I had seen the message, I probably would have gone anyways.

And now I'm sitting here mostly blank and blah, but wondering what the hell Chichi wants me to do. Looking at the situation from my side, he seems to want me to be employed for the sake of being employed, perhaps so he can start charging me rent or somesuch. I'm thinking this is an absurdly stupid idea and he's not taking the situation in proper context. I have 5 jobs in the works in KC. I'm waiting for HR to call me for an interview, which is merely a formality - I already have at least 1 of the jobs in hand, we just have to get through all of the procedures. And what does he want me to do? Get a pissant job doing shit work for next to nothing. That's a great idea, no really... I'll get a burger flipping job from 10am-7pm and miss every call about the job. I'll be working when they call me to fly out for an interview, and I won't be able to fly out for an interview because I'll be working. Oh yes, I'll be stuck in a shit job for life, but he'll be proud of my because I'm working.

Fuck that.

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