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well slept okay I suppose.. forced myself to sleep in after waking up early...

Did some work, tho I really couldn't concentrate much. chatted a bit, then took a nap. People from work called, waking me up. Worked for a bit, took another nap after some food. Work called again, waking me up again. Did a bit more work, then vegged.

Tried watching one of the classic Film Noirs from the Total Movie collection, but can't get into it. idiots upstairs have music going kinda loud.

*sigh* I guess I'll have to admit it, I'm feeling really lonely right now. Still sickly, to boot. BAH!

Guess I'll have a beer and a snack and put something else in the DVD player... or perhaps listen to music and play more Castlevania... I finally got the good ending and 200% exploration, and started playing as Maxim.

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