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slept like complete and utter crap. However, did not have any more nightmares.... Did have a strange dream, tho...

It seemed like we were in some too-bright console RPG.. going around to different areas of the land and defeating things to get more powerful... I think we were in the middle of combat when something strange happened. Perhaps we all got wiped out and it was game over. Then we were back in the same situation, only it was kind of like a redo where different choices were made. Someone was warned, and before this one castle could shoot this huge disc at us, the people we were fighting put up some sort of barrier. The disc fired, the barrier stopped it, but then.

Time stopped. We all passed out. When we woke up, the locals took us up to the castle to meet with the head honcho. And then it happened again. Time stopped. We all woke up and I wandered around separately from the rest. Found the leader, and they had this bandage around their head which said 'King Boring' or somesuch over and over again. There was this protective dome over the place we were, and a little window was not protected by it - obviously the way in for whatever caused the havoc. Then time stopped again - but only outside the dome. We were able to see the creatures attacking while time was stopped, and then I woke up.

got to work, did crap. went to chinese for lunch again. got back to work, only to find that things were down and so I just left. came home to veg until it was time to get on a conference call, then did that and worked for awhile.

ate dinner, chatted, worked a bit, and started watching God of Gamblers again. I really long for a decently subbed version of it. I hate the awful translations, bad grammar, and crappy subtitles on the one I have. It's still paused, I need to get back to it and finish it off...

Got more work to do, looks like it's going to be a long weekend... I'm still not in work mode, and my concentration just isn't there. Need to get some things done before my trip, and I know at this rate I'll be putting it all off until Monday.

As a side note, I'm still really wanting sensual contact. Not exactly sex, but that kind of close contact you really only get with a lover.

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