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interesting. I don't usually dream, and have very few nightmares even when I do... tonight was one of those times.

The day at work was a bit strange... too quiet. With all the layoffs and then the team leads and such being in training, it was more like a weekend... very quiet, little traffic, etc. I had to head off the director's admin, who was going to have my ex-coworker's machine put back into the pool.. I redirected them to the lesser machine in the lab instead, so we could switch.

I got a script going (or so I thought) and left for lunch by myself at chinese. Came back to find my boss gone, and the script having major issues. Installed a bunch of apps on the new box, had problems with one so called someone about it.

Finally got to the point where I was bored and ready to leave. Person called back and came by to help get the app working on the new box... I suddenly became interested in knowing if the were single, etc... kinda funny, since Taz moved over into that same team. They're not all that, but...

Wrapped that up, was sending out an email to the boss to give status - before I could send it, got a notice in saying the environoment would be down, so I added that to my status and closed my machine up. Went and told the other person about the outage, and left.

Came home, vegged a bit, then decided a nap was in order. Took a nap. Woke up once or twice, then decided to sleep a bit longer. That's when it hit.

I was in a house.. or perhaps a trailer. The rents or equivalent were there. There was an older person and their child... Then we were outside talking, and I wanted to get away from the child. They got mad, and started to whine, then yell, then scream. I walked back into the home/trailer. The screaming got louder... until it turned into the wail of a Banshee.

In addition, there was something about the door and it being locked or unlocked... and the parent was inside with us... the door was rattling with unbelieveable force.... I thought the parent unlocked it so the child could get in, but I'm not sure.

In any case, I woke up scared witless. Took quite awhile to calm down... I had to leave some lights on while I ate dinner and got ready to go DDR.

Went to DDR, didn't pay a cent... The arcade workers kept giving us credit after credit. Played more than I have recently. Didn't really wear myself out. After about 2 hours, I left. Came home to shower, veg, and do a bit of work.

Now I'm beat... sore... I felt really good while at DDR - I had felt like complete crap before I went, so was worried. Now I'm thinking of a light snack perhaps, then crashtime.

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