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kinda funny.. I make it home, and suddenly my energy is GONE. will prolly be heading to bed soonish, partly due to my switch in schedule tomorrow.. at least I should be able to make it to DDR tomorrow night.

went to the store on the way home, was sitting eating dinner and watching the hockey game. logged on to work to start a script running.

went to F&H after work to hang with J and M, who got 'laid off' today.. V and Y were also there, and Morphien made a brief appearance. It was fun, chatting, playing pool...

work was worthless, people standing around talking about layoffs and rumors and such... people who were leaving trying to finish up paperwork and just get out... nothing really much got done.

slept in this morning... felt nice... debated going to the store, but decided not to after all. Much better to just sit and veg until worktime.

the following journal entry will be in reverse...

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