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so I seem to still be completely out of whack.. system-wise.. I slept and vegitated most of yesterday.. chatted with Oz for awhile... and Ankh called briefly, late. Went out to Wendy's to grab dinner... Watched some of The Negotiator, the hockey game, and Adult Swim.

Crashed pretty early. Finally got up after 9.... feeling a bit better. showered, caught up online.

And now... I'm feeling the migraine threatening again. Feeling worse. Suppose I should eat, get some things going, then head out for my co-worker's going away lunch. Then to work... bleh.

Been thinking about all sorts of things lately... Need to strap myself down and get things done I've been putting off and such.. cleaning, organizing, etc. Also need to get back into the XR Size routine, and perhaps try to tweak my diet a bit.

Looking forward to new toys... 3GHz proc are out *drool* But as usual, I'll prolly stick to something a bit more reasonably priced. If the Dell Inspiron 8200 would get the GeForce4 64MB card back as an option, I'd prolly buy one. Also need to upgrade my desktop, but I know I'd use a laptop much more. And I'm really sick of these front speakers... want to replace them with a nice Klipsch pair to match the rest of my system.

Ahh, the holidays... I'm fully expecting T-day to suck hardcore. I'm going to FL to be with the family... Like, ALL the family. Like, in one place at the same time, nagging about all sorts of crap. BAH! I intend to tell them not to get me anything in the way of presents for the holidays. They prolly won't listen. There are a few thigns I could use, but I'd much rather they just give me cash of gift cards or whatever instead - if they're going to do it anyway. Otherwise, I really would rather they not get me anything. I've got enough crap lying around that I'm half-attempting to get rid of... I don't need anything else added to the piles.

Same with friends... I dislike exchanging gifts with them. Not because of them, but because of myself. I feel indebted to someone who gives me a gift, and I will therefore try to balance that as soon as possible. I hate that pressure. However, I am more than happy to buy someone a meal or give them something I think they will like for no reason at all in a non-holiday season.

Tech "support" is pissing me off. Domain expires, and they don't tell me. Servers switched, and they don't tell me. I ask them to restore backups, no response. I have an issue with my WAP, and they can't seem to give me something valid to try or call me at the times specified. BAH.

Anyway: food, laundry, trash, mail, food, work.

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