Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

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bah lethargy

managed to avoid napping yesterday after work somehow.. when I finally got to sleep, it went well... slept soundly for quite a bit of the night. sometime I woke up and took off my eyeshield, it seems...

woke up wanting more sleep, but ah well. was up and into work a little after 7. nothing to do for most of the day.. had a few little things that came up, but I took care of them as soon as they arose. Ended up listening to more of the Snow Crash audiobook.... Chinese for lunch..

left about 3 due to boredom and the looming threat of a headache, which had plagued me on and off all day. forgot my drops at work, ICQ'd Rodimus to see if they could snag them for me.

Waiting for tech support to call, since they didn't yesterday. Finally got a response from the person I had been replying to for weeks now... it wasn't helpful - seems like we were having 2 different conversations (think Harvey and Peanut)... prolly came down from on high to DO SOMETHING. personally, I've thought all along that it died and needs to be replaced - all they had to do was tell me that, and this whole mess would be over... but they haven't, so...

can tell it's going to be rough trying to avoid another nap today... we'll see I suppose.

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