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bah burnt lunch

which is why I don't usually cook... ah well, still edible. Was multitasking - cooking fajitas for lunch, setting up dishwasher to run, putting laundry in the washer, and playing NIN at an incredible volume to drown out the noise of my neighbor's music (and hopefully give them a clue).

A word about my new neighbors - I don't like them so far. They walk like fucking huge ass buffalo, stomping all over the place (yes, they're upstairs). Last night I was trying to get to sleep at around 1:30am, and their music was still going loud enough to keep me awake. This morning I was napping after breakfast, and they started the music up loud enough to wake me up.

I'm not doing to bad today, kinda scattered. Chatted a bit with Ankh this morning, since they were up early as well. Gonna try to do some more cleaning up, laundry, put the comp back together, finish off the fajitas for dinner, and who knows what else... possibly a trip out to Best Buy to use these coupons (tho I shouldn't).. oh and I really need to sift through the bills and pay some.

Despite the fact that I added a bunch of friends to my journal, I keep entirely too up to date... So I suppose that means I'm obsessively checking too often.

It continues to amaze me how many people keep saying "I'm going private, if you want me to add you to my friends, let me know..." or "I've cleaned out my friends list of people who don't comment." This goes against my position about journals... I like the window into other people's lives - whether I comment or not, if they're on my friends list I usually read their entries (or at least skim them to see if I'm interested in the topic). If they don't want me to read, that's fine - but it seems a bit too attention-whore-ish to make a big production about it.

I suppose that leads me to another topic/rant. Begging for gifts... I hate that crap. It's one thing to post a wishlist or two for friends and relatives to shop from... It's an entirely different matter to beg the public at large to buy you this expensive item, especially because you "can't afford it." BS. Anyone can afford anything. I can afford a corporate jet, if I were to find a way to live rent-free within walking distance to work and eat ramen or less for every meal, and never go anywhere, etc for quite a few years. What people are actually saying, in one way, is "This is something I want, and I don't want to sacrifice to get it." In another way, they're simply prostituting themselves for toys. It either takes guts, an entirely too high opinion of yourself, or the person has discovered it works for other people, and are now using it themselves to get free stuff. In any case, I find it disgusting. Of course, this whole season disgusts me in many ways.

Granted, there are always some exceptions. I have done small things for people at times, even if it was at their request. I still read everyone's journal, despite that crap. It's part of their life, who they are... and that's what I'm interested in, isn't it? It's not because they think and feel just like me - but because they don't - that makes it interesting.

Hmm, my Ambient CD just ended... and there's silence... at last. There's a nice cool breeze coming in the window... I hate to disturb it by starting up the washer and dryer, but... here I go.

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