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still blah.. came home from work, ate, and napped.

Oz points out that this confirms the suspicion that I have diabetes, or at least hypoglycemia... I agree, I've known that for quite some time. However, this has been worse than normal lately. I have changed my diet slightly, which is what the doc would want to do if I went and they confirmed it. *shrug*

Talking with Ankh last night, it was agreed that I get this way this time every year - blah and such, not necessarily with the same health issues. Seems to crop up just before hallow's and then last for a bit.... dunno why. Can't recall any specific event which would trigger a depressive spiral like this.

Talked to coworkers about the LASIK thing alot today... and getting myself a bit more nervous... Tomorrow will be worse, and I'm pretty sure I won't be getting anything done on Wed - I'll head to work anyway, but... Morphine's volunteered to drive me to/from surgery and post-op.


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