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worked, boss left for the day, had another one of those 'all hands' online presentations... dire news indeed.

then lunch with Running Bear, Hawkwind, Rodimus, and R.... One couldn't make it. We switched to Hayward's this time, as a few people were catching shit from others about OCR.

Hayward's has changed... probably for the better, but I'm afraid it's going to go the way of Jack's.... Anyway, Running Bear basically told us to shut up and deal with what is coming.

Back to work... Did a few things, then left... came home to get these stupid surgery forms filled out, then napped... Went to the business office to fax them in.

Headed over to the work event at O'Leary's.... The only neat thing about the place was the 8 course Irish dinner - 6 beers, a shot of whiskey, and a potato. Lasted about 45mins before my antisocials kicked in, so I left.

Home to eat.. having the Capt and Dr.... Will prolly mud/code/veg/etc the rest of the night.

Craving company, but anitsocial. Yeah, that's me.

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