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yesterday, came home early, slept.... couple hours... longer than I intended, but it seemed necessary.

chatted with ppl... guided Rodimus through a bit of Aard... flirted heavily with Tigger... then my mood pendulum swung out the complete opposite direction.

ended up going offline quickly, vegged a bit, crashed.

woke up this morning feeling a bit blah, was out on the road about 8.... and there must have been an accident at like 119th and Antioch, because cars were backed up Antioch to 130th or so... So I go through a neighborhood, heading over to Switzer as a detour... No good, cars backed up there, as well... so I turn left on 119th and head to Quivera.. cars are backed up, but at least they're moving when the light changes... I get to College, and to work, just fine... strange.

Lunch with Rodimus and RB... kinda interesting, kinda not... Rodimus is actually eating eggrolls now, which is kind of amazing - all those allergies and all.

Most of the workday I spent working on a cut/paste text parser in PHP for lore/ident of Aard items... I managed to bang it out pretty quickly, just need a few more examples and that part will be done... Then comes the database writing part, which I'm guessing might be a little rougher. Still, I managed to get myself started on it in the morning (despite the bad mood) and by the end of the day I was in good spirits and impressed with myself.

Came home, ate, tried to call the rents, and vegged....

Rents called, etc... Mood swing again, didn't want to talk to them. Now I'm back to being kinda blah. I think I wanna just find a decent anime or something else foreign and veg to it. No Aard, no GBA, just... bleh.

I'm tempted to nap, but I'm at the point where I don't need one... I think I was fighting off some sort of illness or something... lethargic, to say the least.

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