Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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got to sleep around 2... woke up at 8-something, finaly got up at 9-something.... showered, ate... headed out to the mall, got there as they opened. Babbage's didn't really have what I wanted, so I went to EB - surpise, they had the one I wanted, so I got it... Went over to GameCo, which I thought was a funcoland, but it was closed... so went back to Funcoland and returned the ac adapter, and bought Super Dodge Ball.. played it a bit in the store, it's perfect - just like the old NES one, but pretty... and the widescreen helps. Then by Target, but didn't see anything.

now I'm home, wondering if I'm gonna go get chinese for lunch or not.

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