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came home and made fajitas, and worked

watched Iron Monkey and worked

talked to Ankh briefly, they're not coming out this weekend.


played the hell outta Castlevania... My original set of batteries is starting to die. I'm going to finish this game RSN, which means I need to go get a new one... By T-day, I won't have anything left to play >_< at this rate, at least... Hopefully work will die down after tomorrow and I can resume wasting time MUDding.. Tho I did hop on earlier and managed to score a nice rauced lvl 80 kf weapon for my SN, so that's nice...

Feeling kind icky/blah for some reason - not sure why.

Gonna try to get up and out to the mall early tomorrow to do some GBA shopping... and since I'll be out, might have to stop by the arcade for a bit of DDR, not sure yet... I'd like to go play the 7th mix, but it's a bit of a drive - and I'm supposed to work 3-10pm bleh.

Morphine said that the screen for the internal light kit prolly won't be in for awhile - they're really backordered. That leads to the decision - do I buy a stealth light control, or perhaps a new GBA case with the hole for the backlight dial already done? hmmm... I've borrwed their worm light, which definately helps... tho I hate the fact that it reflects and obscures the screen... which is why I wanted the backlight, of course.

I'm looking into the smarty php template system - it seems robust, and actually has some decent examples and such... the fasttemplate thingy I looked at before didn't. Need to do some phpbb mods on ShadowSource and get all that going. has this free audiobook deal, which is interesting... it uses their crappy interface, but they had Snow Crash as a selection, so I figured I'd try it... Signed up and downloaded the highest quality version just fine. Found that GoldWave converts their format to pure wav or mp3 pretty handily. Now just need to transfer to the desktop and burn. Most of 2 CDs mp3'd.. it's a bit lengthy.

Tempted to get that Dell laptop I've been drooling over for a year+... It's down to a VERY reasonable price... But I know I've got some expenses coming up, so now isn't really the time to splurge on a big toy like that. Insurance, Travel, LASIK, etc...

I need to sell my Palm IIIe, Laser Tag stuff, and Lynx stuff... Quite possibly my MTG cards as well... and anything else I have lying around of value that I never really use. I've been saying it for awhile, and I still need to do it...

For that matter, I'm tempted to sell my PSX and DDR stuff too... And the DC really wouldn't be missed much at this point... nor the NES... nor the RC car... hmmm... actually, the desktop could be replaced with that laptop...

My Wireless Access Point is still playing dead... fucking idiot tech support sent me a standard form response - they obviously didn't READ the email I sent, which had all the relevant details in it. I stated that I couldn't connect to the device AT ALL, using LAN, USB, or WiFi.. What do they do? Ask for my ISP.... uh, what?!?

That one was in response to the email I sent Tues, I think it was... Then I got a response from a different person to the same message that I resent Thurs night... Only this person actually read the email and gave some suggestions on things to try that were actually valid. I've already composed my reply to them, as I had tried everything they suggested already... But I figured I'll give it one last shot and try it all again before sending it.

I want to get it working and sell the set off to someone, and replace it with the new combo 802.11a/b WAP and an .11a card.... 75Mbit instead of 11Mbit will be sweet.

eh, I dunno.. I'm still lusting after that Sony DVD +/- R/RW drive on sale at Best Buy for $350.... Add in a new motherboard/cpu, and a few big drives... yummy.

I'm glad I got that vacation post out of the way earlier - I sat down at work and forced myself to get through the whole thing and post it. Didn't take too long, minus the interruptions by the boss.

Finally starting to get drowsy... Need to find something to occupy me for a bit longer, then crash.

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