Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

on the road again

Well I ended up at Jingoro's... At least they've got cable, so if I actually had my bookmarks, I could be downloading all that fun stuff I keep meaning to...

Anyways, I left last night around 5pm or so, drove up to Jingoro's. I called from a few minutes away, and Plague answered, neither Jingoro nor J was in, just Plague, and he had plans to leave soon. I stopped by anyway, just to catch up, and we ended up going to dinner. Faz's, the usual cheap all-you-can-eat college town dinner.

We headed back to the apartment, and there was a note on the door from Jingoro, saying he went out for food (I believe it was to Faz's as well, but we missed him somehow). Anyway, we just hung around basically all night, and various people showed up. They have a PS2 now, but only 1 game, so we ended up playing alot of Tekken Tag Bowling.

Jingoro was cleaning (*GASP* I know, I know) because he's flying his SO in today for a 2 week visit. J was supposed tow ork this morning, but went to bed about the time he was upposed to leave. Oz headed off earlier saying he had to run errands, and Plague is about to leave I think - he's waiting for a call.

I went out to the local Thai place and had a wonderful lunch buffet. They had my favorite on the buffet - Pud Kra Prow, so I was loving it.

The only other interesting item is the fact that the child of one of my favorite authors wrote a comment in my journal. Now, how cool is that!? I was stunned and excited, and so were Plague and Jingoro, whom I had first introduced to the works of this particular author.

Another funny thing is that 2 years ago when I was about to move out west, I found out that the author lived near where I was planning to move. I was going to try to figure out a way to write to them and say hi, but never did. Now, I move back east, and their child writes me.... It's amazing.

Evidently there's some karaoke outing tonight that I was invited to, so I'll probably stick around for that, at least... Well, I also want to meet Jingoro's SO.

I suppose I'll waste a few hours either sitting here fascinated at the speed at which pages load, or vegging out to the TV or something...

Oh that reminds me, we watched Fight Club last night witht he director's commentary track on.. That was quite interesting. I think I need that DVD.

Argh, don't you hate when you're using someone else's machine? I've got everything set up just so at home on my machine, and using this one is a big pain, I have to relearn where everything is.

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