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Strange Sunday

I'd consider Sunday to be a strange day... slept in, for once, which was nice. Got up and logged into work to knock out the few things I ahd left to do... And realized it wasn't happening, had to rerun the test. Logged off, MUDed, and played with the data. Logged back on around lunchtime to find the test hadn't completed, and there was still an error. Reran. Logged in a bit later to finish it off.

Then I took a nap.

Logged back in later to see if anything had changed. MUDed a bit more. Chatted with Goofy regarding Sugoi. Chatted with Ankh, and Oz.

Did a bit of laundry, bills, and cleaning. Not enough, but some. Started to feel sickly/blah after dinner - I ended up not wanting to leave the apt, and just settled on pasta.

Settled in for Adult Swim. Ended up watching PBS after, then breaking out the big comforter before crashing. Slept okay, I guess. Had a bit of 4-5am insomnia, and that was after the trboule getting to sleep in the first place. Alarm went off, and I got up and out pretty quick, but I had set it late, so ended up being later to work than I wanted by a few minutes.

There was a hot hot person walking in front of me on the way in, which was nice.

Now, it's just *twiddle* time until the boss gets in and puts me to doing something. I'm not really awake yet. Have green tea sitting here, it's prolly cooled enough to drink.

Oh yeah, weather. 37oF with a 34oF windchill. damn.

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