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just finished watching all of Nadesico... very interesting series, it has a really good balance of drama, action, and comedy... And enough pseudoscience to keep even Oz busy.

Been working alot off and on.. idiots can't keep the system up long enough to get my script fully run.. and that's not even mentioning the 4+ hours spent trying to get anythign working yesterday.

Ankh decided not to drive back out to play this weekend, which i sprobably a good thing. Despite a few episodes of restlessness, Ive been content to watch anime and MUD all day by myself.

Got up entirely too early this morning, thanks to a fucking telemarketer. Need to change my message to "hello... fuck off" or perhaps something of the same sort but a bit milder.

Laundry, cleaning, maintenance, and shopping to do tomorrow... prolly end up with Wendy's for dinner, since Hunnybee mentioned their being occupied all weekend.

Been constantly hungry all day, but have had enough food and variety of snacks for once to ward off the expected headache thus far.

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