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waking up dead

went home early, blah blah, food, mud, etc..

went to sleep.

woke up dead.

well, no quite, I suppose.. but that's the best way to put it. Jingoro and RedneckNinja were in it... as was some strange monster-like thing that I thought I killed, but ended up getting me right as I woke up.

it's strange, I seem to sleep really well at the wrong time.... I can sleep for a few hours, then I have to wake up and start over... and then of course having to get up for this strange shift at work interrupts the deep sleep.

went to work, I think I surprised my boss because I had gotten so much done. went to chinese for lunch with Rodimus, then to Best Buy to browse before heading back. Then my boss told me to split since things were down.

came home to veg and such, and actually put in some Mahou Tskukai Tai and am still watching it now... disc 6 or so...

oh, found out the previous site admin/host let my domain expire, so had to renew it and get a new host. Downloading the stuff now, will upload later.. fxp didn't work.

feeling restless... chatted with Maxxy, Oz, Beldurin, and Ankh... unplugged the phone because it seemed someone was wardialing me.

I need to play more anime as background, even if I'm not really watching it - having the japanese going on in the background seems to help with resurrecting my small bit of language skill.

definately gonna crash after this disc is done.

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