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so left work early, went to the store for lunch food, then home for lunch. Ate, MUDded for a bit... spent qps on rauc, even tho I was trying to save for a wish... caught some dblxp - milmobs and a few shs...

logged into work, did a bit of work...

ate dinner, MUDded, and caught a whole string of dblxp from shs... finished a cp and quest, sorted and got rid of some items, re-equipped... and then left before I got stuck again.

tried to log on to work for a bit, but migraine hit hard and fast... crashed... woke up with the migraine still, so dugged myself, closed the window, turned the heater on briefly, and slept...

woke up to alarm, but without migraine.. reset alarm... slept... played alarm tag for quite awhile before getting up and rushing a bit... got got work 28 mins late, which isn't bad considering - I knew I'd be late, just didn't want to be too bad.

at work. caught up on email. did some browsing and such. foudn out the test I started last night sucked - I forgot to put some writelns in. and now I've got a few tasks for the day - nothing too bad, just gotta get 'em done asap.

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