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Sat napped then vegged...

Sun mudded, worked a bit, vegged, did a bit of laundry, and then got a call from Morphine and Hunnybee to go to Thai... was fun, hadn't seen them in awhile.

It was kinda chilly out, I realized after... I didn't notice much due to poor circulation at the time, but once I warmed up a bit...

Watched Adult Swim, mudded, and crashed kinda late.. after 1am I think... had to put the clean sheets on - then the bedroom was too hot... I opened a window, turned the ceiling fan on, and slept on the couch for a bit... then wandered into bed.

Woke up early this morning. Got ready early, got to work early.... *twiddle* Doing a few things... I was so annyoed over the weekend at stuff not working, and it's magically working today >_<

Rodimus called for lunch. heh. My lunch isn't until like 2 this week.

Am having a slight bout with Thai revenge, but it's pretty mild.

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