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ugh updates

so yesterday I woke up a bit early, lounged around a bit, and then wandered in to work. I knew I had to get some stuff done, so I went into full work mode and was on task... Then my boss decided to come by and chat, thereby interrupting me. For about 45 minutes or so, I sat there trying to seem interested in their blathering. Finally, they wandered off.

So I get back into work mode, and am flying through what I've got to do... And they come back to tell me I'm missing a meeting. So I sigh and go to the meeting. 2 hours of BS later, I call it quits. I pack my laptop and prepare to head out. The boss looks at me like I'm on crack.
"Where are you going?"
"You need your laptop for lunch?"
"I'm heading home to work after"
"Ah, ok... you're gonna have that stuff done tonight, right"
"I'm trying"


Anyway, so I head home, have lunch, and work on stuff... I get a validation running and head off to DDR.... have fun, see ppl... including someone I hadn't seen in a LONG time...

Then head home, shower, check my work email.. system just went down, so my validation is trashed.

Oz calls, we chat.

I have dinner and work some more...

Ankh calls, we chat... I try to get them to come out to visit... they say maybe.

RedneckNinja calls, we chat... Plans for Sugoi and recap of post-AWA stuff.

Then I log on to mud a bit before crashing around 2 or so.

wake up at 5? can't get back to sleep, toss and and turn for a few hours... finally get up, mud, eat, shower, and get to work early.

I've gotten a bit done today for work.. also did a bit on pet projects.

just waiting another 1/2 hour or so, then I can go home, eat lunch, and see whether or not Ankh's on the way... Oh and do a bit of work, I suppose.

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