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work again

eesh, I'm back to updating from work when I get in...

anyway, yesterday I was informed of a special meeting at 4, so I couldn't leave early as planned... then there was a going-away dinner for one of the coworkers a bit later... so we went to J's... nice time.

I figured on the way home I might as well get food, so I stocked up on some things - spent more than I usually do.

Went home to veg and mud... was in bed before 2...

woke up this morning when S called... called them back to find out they wanted to go to lunch sometime soon - looks like next week if my schedule permits...

vegged, ate breakfast, mudded... walked outside and discovered it was raining... drove to work... slipped in the same spot as always...

came in to find we were stalled.

caught up with email and some online stuff, now to get back to work on the vacation entry... I'm still on Thursday...

thanks to Goofy, I'm getting the HB eps now.

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