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Well, I am finally somewhat vertical and mobile... At long last..

Woke up earlier because Chichi called, saying to warn Haha before she went out that it was bloody cold outside, with a pretty chilly wind chill. Then I informed him that I was waiting to hear from that HR person, so he disconned. Went back to bed, but kept the cordless phone near my bed just in case. No calls, so I finally showered, ate, and am checking mail and chatting with sweetpea2264, who is pretty sickly.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention yesterday that I ruined one of Haha's pots.. It's her favorite and mine, I have one just like it. Basically a stainless pot that's great for pasta. I went to make ramen for lunch yesterday, then while waiting for the water to boil, I came downstairs to check my email and lj... Of course, 1/2 hour later the water had all boiled off... I took it off the heat, up tit on a nearby burner, and heard it cracking over the next 20 minutes. After I actually ate my ramen, I check it again, and not only was there a big bump on the bottom, but the bottom edge had cracked about 1/2 the way around. So I guess I have to give up my pot and give it to her for now.

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