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heh. got to work, and everyone's out to lunch. guess I shoulda checked my email earlier. oh well.

caught up on email, seems I didn't miss much... with the exception of some people leaving - including one on my team... I knew it was coming, I didn't expect it to be right now - we just started on a project, had them scheduled for shifts for the next month+... ah well. There wasn't an official email about it, and no one is around to ask yet...

this morning I slept in a bit... got up, showered, and vegged... ICQ'd Goofy, so they're all ok... seems like my car was the designated trouble car this time, which I can deal with.

came to work, found a decent spot... walked towards the building... and there was Taz...

Anyway. Spoke with Ankh alot last night.... seems their SO dumped them over the weekend. As usual, they didn't stand up for what they wanted...

Yeah, so... Guess I'll occupy myself for a bit and prepare to see what work I have to get done today. Hopefully I'll get a chance to leave a bit early, go to the store for food, and head home for the rest of my shift.

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