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They Outsmarted Me


So I went to Microcenter over lunch, bought the same card I had gotten from Comp the other week, and realized that the SN is on the outside of the box, and they scanned it at MC. So I couldn't do the swap trick with them... ARGH. And BB didn't have the card, I was mistaken...

So I went to Comp to see what happened.... and they refused to give me all my $ back. Gave me a story about how they charge 15% less for open items - I was like WTF? I don't get my cash back because of your inane policies? I don't think so. So I asked them "So I can spend the next hale hour ranting and yelling - will it do any good?" They reply with "If you want to - but there's nothing I can do for you except call the store manager." So they did. They talked amongst themselves, and the best they would offer me was the entire amount in store credit. I figure it's better than losing $15, and if someone else is already gonna buy something there, maybe they can give me cash and use the card instead.... Only it takes 45 minutes for them to find the cards and figure out the correct code and sequence to get the POS terminal to accept it... As they hand it to me, they say "now don't lose this, it's like I just handed over $100 in cash" Duh.

Actually did a bit of work work today. Accidentally nuked some stuff on one of my sites, had issues with an app installation and such, but it's all good now.

Then the big boss writes to say the quick and dirty reporting site I set up for the team needs more color and blah blah blah. I get pissed. I make a slightly modified version that looks a little better... Then I dive into making one that has all that stupid flashing, flaming, spinning shit in it. FlamingText is a godsend for a parody site like that.

Oh and we had a "you must watch this video so you can be brainwashed.. let's go, into the viewing room, NOW!" kinda meeting.

After that, I told one of the other team leads to put a leash on their people spamming our team.

Finished up the parody site, did a few mods on the other site, and came home.

Getting a bit anxious already. Got some things to do tomorrow, then there's the whole vacation prep thing...

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