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my day has yet to begin

the big this I do to start my day is shower.

I haven't yet, so... today has not begun.

woke up entirely too early... yet I was refreshed. I could have gone back to sleep, but I chose not to. I got on the comp instead... 6 hours later, that's where I am. chatted with Oz and Catmistress and Rodimus and Beldurin. MUDed. got the desktop working, played a bit more of UT2003, got on IRC, etc... even did some XR Size, at breakfast, ate lunch...

it's just so nice right here right now. windows open, a nice cool breeze blowing with the fan helping it along... quiet except for the occasional neighbors going about their day. I'm alternately restless and calm. I notice the moon last night was full or nearly so, which explains a bit why I'm restless... I get like that.

I know I had some rants storing up, but I don't recall them now. No matter, either they will be recalled.. or they will not.

I've been looking into new computer hardware, especially last night and today... I can't decide what I want to actually buy, if anything. One one side, I'm still trying to get rid of stuff... But on the other, I haven't upgraded my machine in about 3 years - that's a long time for me. I could do with something 3 times faster than what I have now. I think I want to move to a gaming machine and a file server and a laptop, with a webserver possibly thrown in for flavor. Use a KVM and VNC to access whatever I need to wherever I need to.

I may take a nap in a bit... I know Rollins stated that sleeping and such were wastes of time, but I don't entirely agree. Perhaps to him, with the goals he has, this is the case. For me, I realize that I am not in any hurry. I like to enjoy the downtime and take it easy. I always had a hard time understanding why Haha would be up and out early when on vacation. They always had a hard time understanding why I wanted to sleep in when there was so much to do.

I have been lazy today... yesterday as well, for that matter. I've needed to go to the store for bread so I can make sandwiches... and pick up sundry other food related items. Haven't. Ah well, I'm not starving or anything. And nothing should go bad with a few extra days in the fridge. Part of me wants to do the self-justificatioin of 'well, I'll be on vacation next weekend anyway, so I don't want to have too much food around' which is BS. Most of what I buy will happily sit on the shelf or in the fridge for a few days no worse for wear. I don't generally buy things that can't.

I'd like to have Morphine and Hunnybee over for curry tonight, introduce them to that and So-Ju.... have a feeling it won't happen, as it hasn't happened for the past few months. There's a slim chance for Thai on Sun, but I'm not holding my breath. They've been doing family things, so I understand there's that level of commitment and obligation. It's also why I live far far away from my family.

Starting to fade a bit, I think the Dr Pepper I had with lunch is putting me to sleep...

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