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yeah yeah

lesse... slept for the first time this week... woke up early, refreshed, and went in...

got a few things accomplished before the vendor showed... the person struck me as being not too swift... I found out gradually that they weren't too bad with things they knew and were sure of... neither the brightest nor the dullest bulb...

came home for lunch.

went back, got the issue resolved. joy.

then went to the other vendor's demo... which sucked. I hate slimy, smarmy salespeople. the tech was okay from what I saw... but I'm overall still unimpressed. more of them tomorrow.

worked out stuff with Morphine off and on during the day about hosting ... turns out we'll be using EasyPHP on Rain's old box.

left, came home, changed, went to DDR. did okay - thought I had the gallops on In The Navy down, but musta been offbeat... second try yielded much better results, and a feeling like I was really getting that one. Failed Dead End and I think another cata I tried. Wore myself out, left.

showered, started a DVD going, MUDed, ate, etc...

all DVDs used up so I'm taking it all back tomorrow hopefully during lunch. I'm a bit worried about that stupid restocking fee, but we'll see what happens.

I think I figured out one of my logic issues I was having, but I'm also thinking there might be a better way by constructing a different query... it's all still new to me, although I did figure out a use for right/left join today.

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