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it gets worse

so I try to go to bed early... decide to zone out by hanging up work clothes....

I'm about to crash, then I realize I'm gonna be tossing and turning for awhile...

so I find something else to do... yes, that's right, "one more level" in Aard...

I'm nearing the end of the level, and I realize Double Exp is running, so I figure I'll just go until that's over... Then someone aucs a level 150 portal... Which I win by some miracle... So then I have to go ahead and get a few more levels in order to be able to save it... But what's 3 levels, right?

So I'm finally down to only needing one more level, when someone asks if I want help levelling... I agree, and this big bag 6 class MLT goes around killing stuff while I assist. There's Double Exp just as the last few mobs fall, and we figure on riding it out... Then I'm only a few exp from next level, so we go ahead and do that...

And... that's right, Double Exp again... They ask if I wanna ride that one out.. and I REALLY want to, but... I decline, stating a MUST get some sleep. I'd been playing for another 3-4 hours at that point already.

So I go to bed, sleep VERY well.. for about 45 minutes. then, without really realizing it, I start scratching all these damn bug bites I've got all over... I wake up because it only makes it worse to do that. I can't lie still, so I get up... Pop a pill, take a shower.... and go bad to bed...

I sleep for a bit, alarm goes off, I turn it off. I end up getting up not much later, but... not refreshed at all, not enough sleep, cranky and all that.

So I skip another shower and come into work. Boss asks me if I'm okay, I tell them no... Insomnia. They ask if I want to go home to sleep, and I mention that the problem is that I can't sleep.

So that's 2 nights in a row now with little sleep, and none of it really good.


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