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Let's see... I can't remember where I left off today...

Oh yeah that's right.

Running Bear called me, said the paperwork is in to HR, so I should expect a call about an interview RSN. He's hoping they'll fly me out for it. We discussed the differences between this job and the one I had the phone interview for earlier this week, and agreed that if I have a choice, this one is it. It will be full time, and they may even pay to have me move back out there, which would be awesome - it's about damn time someone except me ate that cost.

Then I went out to dinner with Ankh, mostly to get out of the house again, managed to be gone once more before Chichi came home. RedneckNinja phoned, saying there was a house party at Bob's, so I headed over there. It was amusing, we all had a few drinks.. I believe everyone except me got pretty drunk. We play Uno as a drinking game, I was the first one to go out of cards. Listened to some music, chatted... Both Bob and RedneckNinja tried to get me to smoke cloves again, but I refused.

Damn, I was supposed to borrow a Promo Johnny Socko CD, but I forgot to pick it up again as I left... Ah well, hopefully I'll see them again soon and can borrow it then. Let's see...

Oh yeah, I caught a bit of razz about what I posted in my journal from the bonfire.. specifically, the fact that words passes quickly about events. It was taken in a different way than I meant it - in fact, it was taken as being pissed at someone specifically for mentioning the cloves. I meant it in a broader sense, however. There have been quite a few times that such things happened, more recently because I've been less reclusive. I was bitching a bit, but it wasn't necessarily all a bad thing overall, just different. I'm a bit uptight when it comes to my privacy, as has been noted on several occasions. I get kinda weird when information finds a way to other people without my knowledge.

Anyway, after everyone started winding down, I decided it was time to leave, so I drove home. It wasn't a bad drive, but the temperature is approaching freezing and it's windy and raining, so it wasn't as peaceful as I'd have liked. Then again, it did keep me awake...

Oh, I suppose I finally broke my no soda/caffeine thing today. I had a rum and coke. Don't know that I feel any better or worse from it. I still don't care to get back on the daily dose thing, either way.

Hmm, and RedneckNinja also gave me a bit of hell about hanging out with Ankh. We promised to talk later, but of course I left, so... We'll see what comes of that. I'll just stick to my line that I really need to get out and be amongst friends right now, and I can't count any out. There are other benefits, of course, as well. But I'm really hating being here. The only times I feel even halfway comfortable are when both Haha and Chichi are out, and I have the house to myself. But it isn't MY place. It doesn't feel like home. At least being out and/or at someone else's place, I know it's not supposed to be.

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