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half and half

haven’t felt much like posting... not sure why, really...

Thurs went to ddr after wok, came home, showered, ate, and crashed really early...

today went and bought a new toy over lunch - dvd burner. it's already a headache. rodimus has it now, in order to get a few things done to share.

I got a whole fuckload done on the scripts I've been working on, which is nice... I'm in the programming mood again, which allows that sort of progress.

~3 more hours of questing on Aard and I can finally level again with my one char... Haven't enjoyed playing the SN lately for some reason.

Dinner's almost ready. I suppose I'll veg and mud and such tonight.

Tomorrow, might go to the casino for ddr - not sure yet.

I still have a few days to meet my own deadline of clean living room.

Was hoping today would be better than it was, for some unknown reason.

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