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A bit confused....

Chichi sent an email stating they were diagnosed with Terrien's Marginal Degeneration... Which sounds to me like some kind of strange spell from D&D or somesuch.

Anyways, so I called the eye doc regarding all that... They had a voicemail message stating they were out of the office until nex mon... so I left a message.

Surprisingly enough, they called me back pretty quickly. They agreed that I should probably see a corneal specialist, and that the Doc they recommended to to the laser eye surgery was one. They gave me the number and told me to go ahead and get all that set up.

So I call over there. Tell one person. They transfer me to another. Tell another person. They get confused, then state that this doc is for cataracts, not corneas.. but that I should go ahead and make the appt for the surgery. Uh.. okay.

So I'm scheduled for Oct 31.

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